Incrediwear Equine

Incrediwear Equine

Incrediwear Equine specializes in rehabilitation products, focusing on the regeneration and healing processes of our horses. Especially after intensive stress through training or tournaments,... learn more about Incrediwear Equine
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Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks, Set of 2
$94.39 *
Available variants
Incrediwear Equine Bandages, Set of 2
$112.09 *
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The products have proven themselves and allow a targeted and effective support. The special Incrediwear Equine Technology uses germanium and carbon, which are woven into the material of the products. These release negatively charged ions when they come into contact with body heat and create the special mode of action of the products: Cell vibration is stimulated, blood flow is increased and the underlying tissue is supplied with significantly more oxygen and nutrients.

Through its well-thought-out and high-quality products, Incrediwear Equine provides unique support in terms of horse care and health. Injuries can be treated specifically with the help of the technology, but also in everyday use, the products are a real asset. Since Incrediwear Equine has completely dispensed with compression in its products, it is even possible to put the Hoof Socks on the horse for 24 hours, for example.

Versatile in use, the products from Incrediwear Equine provide absolute added value in everyday stable life and, thanks to their uncomplicated application, create fast and effective support - not only in the case of an acute injury. A company that is dedicated to the well-being of our four-legged friends and expresses this in its first-class products.