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HS Sprenger Stirrups Bow Balance

The "Bow Balance" stirrups from HS Sprenger directly combine several aspects that make for good and safe riding. The tread surface is extra wide and has two different rubber hardnesses, so that you have more grip while riding and shocks are absorbed. Thanks to the proven System 4 joint, the foot is released more easily and quickly in the event of a fall, thus preventing or minimizing injuries. This system also gives you much more flexibility, relieving the rider's hip, knee, ankle and calf joints. Due to the curved shape in the upper part of the stirrup, the stirrup lies even better on the horse and is therefore easier to pick up. The movable part of the stirrup is covered with a rubber coating, so that it is protected from environmental influences such as sand or moisture and has a long life span. The blue Sprenger lettering on the tread surface makes the stirrup a real eye-catcher and gives it a sporty look. A stirrup with a top price-performance ratio, which you should not miss! The article number is 44266.


HS Stirrups Bow Balance

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Optimale Balance
Extra breite Trittfläche




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