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Kentucky Lambskin Cleat Belt short

Kentucky Horsewear
Kentucky Lambskin Cleat Belt short

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  • FR16719
Product description

Kentucky lambskin cleat belt short

The anatomically shaped short cleat girth of Kentucky Horsewear offers sufficient freedom of movement thanks to its special shape and also protects the horse from cleat impacts against the belly and thus minimizes injuries. The double-sided elastic bands are very stable and do not wear out due to their triple underlay. Thanks to the high-quality elastic band, there is maximum pressure relief, so that even pressure-sensitive horses can ride with this girth without any problems. Auxiliary reins or other aids can be attached to the D-ring and the carabiner in the middle and the buckles at the ends of the girth connect the girth to the saddle. The material is artificial leather, artificial sheepskin and strong EVA inside, so the girth is produced in a very animal-friendly way. The imitation leather does not absorb dirt, sweat or water and therefore has a long life and does not wear out quickly. The fur can be removed if necessary, because it is attached with a strong velcro. So you can wash or change it without any problems.


  • Imitation leather
  • Artificial sheepskin
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Interior: EVA technology
  • Animal Friendly

Care instructions:

  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Do not dry in a dryer
  • Do not clean with glycerine soap
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