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Schockemöhle Sports Saddle Girth Olymp Pro

Schockemöhle Sports
Saddle Girth Olymp Pro

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XMAS Deals 2022 - Brands 1

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Product description

Schockemöhle Sports saddle girth Olymp Pro

The "Olymp Pro" saddle girth from Schockemöhle Sports is an anatomical saddle girth with cleat protection. Thanks to the special shape the girth has an optimal fit and besides that the horse is well protected against bumps against the belly. Thus unnecessary injuries are avoided or prevented. On the underside of the girth you can attach different pads with the help of a Velcro fastener, so that you can decide individually which material the underside should be made of (under the product description you will find the different pads under "Passendes Zubehör"). The front side consists of a stable plate with a carabiner to which you can attach your breastplate, on the sides there are D-rings which serve to attach auxiliary reins. Thanks to the elastic on both sides the girthing is made easier and you have an incredible connection to your horse and therefore a great riding experience. The special cut guarantees the horse a lot of freedom of movement and an optimal pressure distribution. This means that even sensitive horses can ride with the girth without feeling uncomfortable! A beautiful girth with which both you and your horse will become a real eye-catcher and you can make a great entrance!


  • Leather


  • Only usable with Olymp Pad fur, leather or softpoly
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