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Schockemöhle Sports bridle Stockholm-P with English combined noseband

The Schockemöhle snaffle has the following features, among others. A softly padded headpiece, which increases the comfort in the neck area, a cambered, straight browband, which helps to keep the bridle in place, as well as a chic noseband. This is also slightly cambered as well as softly padded. The noseband can be removed if necessary. To adjust the snaffle to the horse's head, the bridle has an adjustable throatlatch on both sides, as well as bridle hooks on the cheek pieces. The leather is particularly supple, robust and durable. It can be easily cleaned with water and remains supple with proper care.


  • Leather
  • Stainless steel fittings


  • English combined noseband
  • straight browband
  • soft padded

bridle Stockholm-P with English combined noseband, without Reins

  • FR10074.6
$147.50 *

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Englisch kombiniert




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