Stübben Web Reins
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Stübben web reins

These webbing reins from Stübben are specially designed for show jumping and eventing, allow for the perfect appearance and are 100% luxury for both you and your horse. It is equipped with 9 leather webs, which prevent the reins from slipping through your hands, especially in wet conditions, and ensure that your hands are well oriented on the reins. Thanks to the silver or brass colored rings, the reins can be easily and quickly attached to the bit ring. But the rings are not only functional, they also enhance the appearance of the reins and make them a real eye-catcher. Thanks to these reins you have an optimal guidance over your horse and also the communication between you and your horse is optimized. A rein that combines comfort and design and is ideal for daily work.


  • webbing material


  • leather bars

Web Reins

  • FR13181
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Neun Stegen
Silber- oder Messingringe
Elegantes Design





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