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Dyon rope noseband DC

The rope noseband by Dyon comes from the beautiful Dyon Collection, has the article number B636 and is ideal for lovers of a special look. The material is English leather and the noseband is made of waxed rope. The English leather scores with a long life span and is very comfortable to wear because it is so soft. The fittings are made of brass and allow an easy fastening of the halter. Cream-colored seams, which stand out beautifully from the bridle, make the halter a real eye-catcher and enhance your riding experience fashionably. All these features make this halter an innovative, aesthetic, practical and fine-tuned part for the equestrian sport of tomorrow and after only a short time of use you will not want to miss this beautiful riding accessory anymore.


  • English leather
  • Rope
  • Brass

Rope Noseband DC

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