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Magnetik Horse Rug

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  • FR10386
Product description

Veredus Magnetik Horse Rug

The Veredus Magnetik horse rug has an anatomical cut and thus guarantees the horse an optimal fit, especially in the back area. It is a therapeutic blanket that works with 32 neodymium magnets and develops a power of 2400 gauss each. Made with Aerox material, edged and trimmed in Lycra, the blanket guarantees perfect breathability. It reduces pain and swelling and stimulates blood circulation. Furthermore, it accelerates the elimination of toxins in the body and actively promotes the healing process. Ideally, the Magnetik horse blanket can also be used for preparing muscles and tendons for exertion.

Note: Magnetotherapy is a medical methodology that uses magnetic fields to treat pathologies. Magnetic fields facilitate and promote micro-blood and lymph circulation, exchange and utilization of nutritive substances on the part of cells and natural biological defenses and elimination of metabolic waste products. In addition, with the help of magnetic fields, a significant improvement is achieved in inflammatory processes. The improvement is due to both a reduction of the inflammatory process and a simultaneous analgesic effect towards the nerve fibers of the tissue. It also stimulates better blood circulation, relaxes the muscle and relieves swelling. The production of elastin and collagen is stimulated, which are important for the reconstruction of the tissue.


  • polyester nylon with microporous PU coating
  • with 32 neodymium magnets

Care instructions

  • Hand wash at 30 °C
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