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Kentucky Dogwear
Dog Harness Body Safe

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  • FR21711
Product description

Kentucky Dogwear Dog Harness "Body Safe"

With the "Body Safe" harness, dog owners are guaranteed to be well equipped for their next walk. The harness with its fit and woolen look not only looks good, it is also animal-friendly. The pressure that normally acts on the neck is effectively diverted from the neck to the chest by the plate when the straps are correctly fastened, which is particularly suitable for dogs that tend to pull hard. The harness is very easy to put on by pulling it over your head and closing the Velcro fasteners at chest height and on the stomach.


  • Prevents pressure on the neck
  • redirects pressure on chest
  • wool look
  • golden fittings

care instructions

  • machine washable at 30 ° C
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not use fabric softener


It is recommended that you measure your dog's chest to find the appropriate size. To do this, 2 fingers (for sizes XXS - S) or 4 fingers (for sizes ML - XXL) must be placed behind the front legs and the distance from there to the chest must be measured. You should be able to put your hand under the harness on the back of the dog. When adjusting, it is important that the distances are respected in order to allow the dog maximum freedom of movement. The harness is badly put on if it squeezes the neck. The harness is too big if the dog can pull its front paws out of the harness. If the dog pulls and tries to remove the harness, it should not be pulled.

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