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Andis Clipper Head UltraEdge Horse Shearing Head
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  • FR22741
Product description

Andis Clipper Head UltraEdge Horse Clipper Head

The UltraEdge Horse Clipper Head by Andis is optimally suited for horse clippers with an exchangeable clipper head system and can be exchanged particularly quickly and easily thanks to its snap-on technology. The clipper head was specially developed for large animals such as horses, has a particularly easy handling and is immediately ready for use. The chrome-plated clipper head and the cutting edge made of carbon steel ensure a perfect clipping result. Andis clipper heads are produced in the U.S.A. from high-quality materials and a high quality of workmanship. Suitable for all models of Andis AG, Heiniger Saphir and various models of Oster and Moser.

Compatible models

  • Andis MVP 
  • Andis BGC2 
  • Andis MBG2 
  • Andis Excel 2 Speed 
  • Andis Super AGC2 
  • Andis AGC2 
  • Andis AGC 
  • Andis AGR+ 
  • Andis AGRV 
  • Andis AGRC 
  • Moser 1245 
  • Oster 97 
  • Oster Golden A5 
  • Oster Comfort A6 
  • Oster Pro3000i

Instructions for use

  • remove coarse dirt from horse coat before shearing
  • the horse's coat must be dry to be clipped
  • oil the clipper blades every 5-10 min during clipping to prevent overheating of the blades
  • remove loose hairs from the clipper blades with a cleaning brush during clipping

Properties of the shearing heads

  • Cutting width: 65 mm
  • #T-84/clipping length 2.4 mm
  • #T-10/clipping length 1.5 mm
Suitable accessories
Heiniger Shaving Head Made of Special Steel for Horse Shearing
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