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Passier Interchangeable Noseband Mexican
Passier Interchangeable Noseband Mexican
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Product description

Passier Interchangeable Noseband Mexican

This Mexican interchangeable noseband can be used for different snaffles, so that every rider can put together his dream snaffle and change it as required. The material is the finest Passier bridle leather, which is very soft and durable. The Mexican interchangeable noseband is particularly gentle as it does not restrict the nostrils, breathing or mouth action. In addition, the pressure is distributed over several places on the horse's head by the side rings and the oval rosette, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The interchangeable noseband is available in different colours and fittings. Another advantage of this noseband is that it is adjustable on both sides. 


  • Finest Passier bridle leather
  • Brass or stainless steel fittings
Suitable accessories
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