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shear blade Set Premium

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Product description

Clipster shear blade set Premium

The practical shearing knife set Premium of the brand Clipster is especially suitable for shearing. The set includes two shearing blades, one with 31 lower blades and the other with 15 upper blades. The shearing blades can be easily inserted into the shearing machines provided for this purpose and enable perfect shearing. They are easy to clean with a brush and can be used more often. If necessary they can be sharpened by a grinder. The blades are made of tool steel and are therefore particularly robust and durable. They fit the models constanta, FarmClipper and all other popular brands like Heiniger, Aesculap and Liscop. Before use, please read the instructions for use and the following instructions for use.

Note: read the instructions for use before use

Instructions for use

  • the horse's coat must be cleaned from coarse dirt before shearing
  • the horse's coat must be dry to be shorn
  • to prevent overheating of the blades, oil the clipper blade every 5-10 min during shearing
  • remove loose hairs from the clipper blade with a cleaning brush during the shearing process


  • Material: tool steel
  • teeth lower blade: 31
  • teeth upper blade: 15
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