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  • FR23625
Product description

Helite safety / airbag vest Airjacket

The safety vest is equipped with an airbag. In order not to restrict the rider's movement, it offers large armholes and fits over any top. Due to its composition, it is particularly light and compact, which increases the rider's comfort. To guarantee full protection, the airbag vest must not be worn underneath another top.

Note: The Airjacket cannot be combined with Helite outerwear.


  • the Airjacket vest provides a total of 17-24 liters of protection for the neck, spine, chest, pelvis, coccyx, head, collarbone and internal organs
  • besides the impact protection, the airbag inside the vest, when inflated, stabilizes the entire upper body and protects it against harmful twisting


  • the airbag is released mechanically by means of a ripcord which is attached to the saddle immediately after or before mounting the bike
  • an unintentional release by forgetting the ripcord when dismounting from the saddle is very unlikely, because a force of about 300N (30kg) is needed to activate the airbag
  • the full protective effect is achieved after 80-100 milliseconds
  • already during the release process and without full pressure important body parts are already protected

Scope of delivery

  • CO2 capsule, ripcord and Y-strap (attachment to the saddle) are included in the scope of delivery of the Airjacket


  • By exchanging the CO2 capsule, the vest is immediately ready for use again after a deployment
  • Ripcord and Y-strap can be reused if not damaged.


  • Helite airbags are CE certified and have a 2 year warranty on workmanship and materials used. Register your airbag to extend the manufacturer's warranty from 2 to 4 years. To register, you will need your proof of purchase, usually an invoice or receipt, as well as the serial number, which can be found inside each airbag system.

Changing the CO2 capsule

  • When the airbag is triggered, a metal ball pops out of the piston and a spring becomes visible.
  • Unscrew the empty cartridge and replace it with a new cartridge.
  • Loosen the cover cap using the supplied Allen key. Make sure that you do not unscrew the cap completely, but only to the extent that the piston can be returned to its original position.
  • Return the piston to its original position and make sure that the opening of the piston points upwards, where the metal ball will later be located.
  • Return the metal ball to its previous position. The ring around the metal ball should be flat and fit exactly into the opening.
  • Screw on the cover cap by hand while holding the metal ball.


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