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lunging rein

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Product description

Bühl-Zügel lunging rein

The Bühl-Zügel lunging rein is an innovation on the market of lunging aids. In principle, this rein is an ordinary triangle rein, but interrupted by a pulley. This stainless steel roller between the withers and the bit ensures that the rein setting always remains identical, regardless of whether the horse is worked intensively or only lightly moved. Once the adjustment is made, you can work flexibly with the horse and switch from one working mode to another without even having to touch the reins. Horses often have little space to maneuver when lunging. With Bühl reins, your horse moves more freely and flexibly. With these lunging reins you can train intensively by e.g. fine-tuning the horse by accepting and yielding or by straightening the horse. After that you can freely decide how to proceed. Let the hindquarters go under and shortly afterwards let the horse go on the long reins again. These changes now go quite easily, without a rigid setting. If you only want to move your horse lightly, let him warm up on the long lunge. If you do want to work more intensively, you can go directly into working mode. Changing reins or re-buckling is not necessary! The Bühl rein gives you a lot of leeway. During the first applications it is unusual for your horse that you stand further back. This is due to the fact that the lunge is no longer attached to the bit, but to the upper pulley. This small distance is already enough for your horse to react to it and therefore turn towards you. However, this will settle down after using the lunge reins several times. Adjustment of the reins The length is adjusted with the continuously adjustable straps. The horse's head must be just before the vertical. The one-sided, inward adjustment of the horse's head is no longer made. Both reins are the same length, so the horse's head is straight ahead. If the horse is smaller or larger, this is also not a problem. If the reins are too short, a loop strap is included in the set, which is pulled in on the saddle or lunging girth and fastened with a carabiner. In the event that the rein is too long, it is simply placed around the girth one or more times until the length is correct. The advantage is that this adjustment only needs to be made once.


  • Freer movement of the horse
  • More versatile working possibilities
  • Flexible aids Increased degree of gymnastics

scope of delivery

  • 2x loop strap
  • 2x Bühl reins
  • 1x mash bag
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